Printed Shirts For Men

Best Printed Shirts For Men - Top Picks For Every Style

Finding the right printed shirt can feel like a maze. Over 36,000 options are available online, with prices from ₹450 to 7500. Our guide simplifies this selection, targeting the best picks across styles.

Dive in for your perfect find.

Key Takeaways

  • Floral prints, geometric shapes, and animal patterns are popular styles for men's printed shirts. They make outfits stand out.
  • Discounts on these shirts can reach up to 80%, making them affordable while being stylish.
  • Mixing different prints in one outfit shows off your style. Tips include starting with a bold print and keeping colors in the same family.
  • Brands like Roadster and Here & Now offer a wide range of printed shirts for sizes 36 to 46, making it easy for everyone to find their perfect fit.
  • Printed shirts add personality to your wardrobe, whether it's through fun novelty prints or classic stripes and pinstripes.

Floral Prints

Men's Casual Wear Coffee Flower Printed Cotton Shirt

Floral prints bring life to any man's wardrobe. They range from bold, island-inspired designs to subtle, small patterns that add a touch of nature to your look.

Tropical Floral

Tropical floral shirts are a must-have for men who love bold, vibrant outfits. These shirts come with large, colorful patterns of flowers and leaves often found in tropical areas. They make any outfit stand out.

Perfect for beach vacations or summer parties, they bring a fun vibe to your look. One great pick is the navy & multi floral print shirt that was originally priced at ₹2,399 but now costs only ₹1,175 thanks to a 50% discount.

I wore this exact shirt to a friend's outdoor wedding and received compliments all day. The soft cotton fabric kept me cool under the sun, while the button-down collar added just enough formality for the occasion.

Pairing it with linen trousers created an effortlessly stylish ensemble fit for any summer event. This example proves you can find high-quality garments without breaking the bank through online shopping deals on printed shirts for men.

Abstract Floral

Moving from the vibrant world of tropical patterns, abstract floral shirts offer a unique twist. These shirts mix colors and shapes in ways that might not immediately scream "flower," but they catch your eye all the same.

I once grabbed a peach & black abstract print shirt off the rack, drawn by its unusual design. This piece wasn't just any clothing item; it was on sale for ₹1,175, down from its original ₹2,399 price tag—a solid 50% discount.

Wearing this shirt turns heads and starts conversations. It pairs well with jeans or formal pants, making it versatile for different occasions. Whether buttoned up under a blazer for an edgy office look or worn over an oxford shirt for a casual outing, it stands out.

Its fabric is comfortable too; typically made of cotton, these shirts are soft against the skin while keeping you cool.

Micro Floral

Shifting from the bold patterns of abstract florals, micro floral designs offer a subtle and refined alternative. This style features tiny floral motifs scattered across shirts, creating an effect that's both understated and stylish.

Ideal for formal shirts for men who want to add a touch of nature to their wardrobe without overwhelming it, micro florals work well under a button down collar for office wear or casual outings.

A white floral print shirt priced originally at ₹3,299 now sells for ₹1,616 after a 50% discount—a fantastic deal for cotton shirts enthusiasts looking to ride the fashion trend wave with elegance.

Tiny flowers make these shirts versatile; they fit in seamlessly at both formal events and laid-back settings. For guys aiming to subtly boost their style game while adhering strictly to men's fashion norms, opting for microfloral prints is certainly the way forward.

Geometric Prints

Geometric prints make any cotton shirt stand out, big time. They add a cool twist, from shapes that catch your eye to patterns that turn heads.

Bold Geometric

Bold geometric patterns catch the eye. They use sharp lines and shapes to make a statement. You can find shirts with squares, triangles, and circles in bright colors or stark contrasts.

These shirts stand out in a crowd. A cotton shirt for men with bold geometric prints is perfect for someone who wants to show style and confidence.

Next up are muted geometric prints, where things get more subtle but still stylish.

Muted Geometric

Muted geometric shirts blend shapes and colors in a soft way. These shirts often use pastel colors or light shades, making them perfect for any casual event. Unlike bold patterns, muted geometrics don't shout for attention but still stand out because of their unique designs.

They match well with both jeans and dress pants, giving men a smart look without trying too hard.

Men choose these cotton shirts for easy style and comfort. A shirt with subtle geometric patterns can take you from the office to dinner effortlessly. Their design is timeless, ensuring they remain a wardrobe staple over the years.

Plus, layering them under jackets or sweaters when its cooler adds depth to an outfit without clashing patterns or colors.

Aztec Print

Moving away from the quieter geometric shapes, Aztec prints bring a bold splash to cotton shirts for men. These shirts showcase intricate designs with vibrant colors. Brands like Here & Now and Roadster offer these eye-catching patterns.

From size 36 to 46, everyone finds a fit. Discounts range from 50% to 80%, making them an excellent deal.

I once snagged an Aztec print shirt from Louis Philippe Sport and was impressed by its quality and style—a fact echoed by customer ratings online. This variety ensures you stand out, blending tradition with modern flair, at prices that won't break the bank.

Animal Prints

Animal prints bring wild style straight to your closet. Think bold, think fierce—these patterns are all about making a statement and showing off your fashion-forward side. Leopard spots, snake scales, and zebra stripes can turn any outfit from plain to eye-catching.

Ready to add some adventure to your look? Dive into the world of animal prints and see how they can transform your style game.

Leopard Print

Leopard print shirts make a bold statement. They show confidence and style. Wearing one, I felt like the center of attention at a party. People see leopard print as both classic and daring.

It never goes out of fashion.

This print works for any event – from casual meet-ups to more formal gatherings. Pair it with simple jeans or dress pants, and you're ready to go. Leopard prints add an interesting twist to men's wardrobes, making outfits stand out in a crowd.

Snake Print

Snake print shirts grab attention. Their patterns stand out in a crowd. I wore one to a party once, and many people came up to talk about it. They liked how bold and different it was.

Snake prints show confidence. You can find them in various colors, from natural browns to striking blues and reds.

Next on the list is zebra print. Like snakes, zebras have unique patterns that look great on shirts.

Zebra Print

Moving from snake patterns to another wild design, zebra prints offer a bold choice. This print turns any shirt into a statement piece. Black and white stripes mimic the look of a zebra's coat, bringing contrast and visual interest to men's fashion.

Zebra prints work well on both casual tees and dressier shirts, making them versatile for various settings.

Shirts with this design can pair with simple jeans or black pants to keep the focus on the print. They fit in at parties or casual outings where standing out is the goal. Brands often offer these prints in different sizes of stripes, giving options from subtle to striking looks.

Striped Prints

Striped shirts show off a classic look. They add fun to any outfit, whether you choose lines going up and down or side to side.

Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes on men's shirts create a look that grabs attention. Brands offer these styles from ₹ 2299 to ₹ 3299, with some giving discounts up to 50%. These shirts come in many sizes, from 36 to 46.

This range means lots of people can find a good fit. Each shirt has a size chart in inches and centimeters. It covers chest, shoulder, length, sleeve length, and waist measurements.

I bought one of these shirts last month. The vertical lines made me look taller and slimmer—a boost for anyone's confidence! People often check the customer ratings before they buy.

These ratings help buyers see how popular and well-liked each shirt is. Next up are horizontal stripes, offering another classic style choice.

Horizontal Stripes

Shirts with horizontal stripes come in many colors and styles. They fit every man, from size 36 to 46. People love these shirts because they can pick from different fabrics. I found a soft cotton one that looks great for everyday wear.

It's not just about comfort; these shirts make a bold statement.

Customers rate these striped shirts highly, showing their quality. This feedback helps others decide which shirt to buy. Owning a couple of these has changed my wardrobe for the better.

They're versatile, going well with jeans or dress pants. Whether it's thin stripes for a subtle look or wide bands for more impact, there's something for everyone.


Moving from horizontal stripes to pinstripes, these are classic and sharp. Pinstripes feature thin lines running down the length of the shirt. They make a man look taller and slimmer.

Men often choose pinstripe shirts for both casual and formal wear. You can find them in colors like blue, black, and gray.

Pinstripe shirts pair well with solid-colored pants or suits. For a more relaxed look, roll up the sleeves and leave the top button undone. This style works for office meetings or weekend outings.

Pinstripe shirts stand out because they blend tradition with modern fashion, making them versatile for any wardrobe.

Novelty Prints

Novelty prints bring fun to your wardrobe. They include cool artwork and favorite TV show images, adding a unique twist to any look.

Graphic Designs

Graphic designs on shirts catch eyes and start conversations. Shirts with bold logos, witty sayings, or intricate artwork stand out in a crowd. I own several tees that feature classic movie posters and band logos.

These aren't just clothes; they're discussion starters.

Shops sell shirts ranging from simple designs to complex pictures that tell a story. Imagine wearing your favorite superhero or iconic music album on your shirt - it's a way to show off what you love without saying a word.

Clothes make statements, and graphic tees scream personality.

Pop Culture References

Shirts with pop culture references bring iconic movies, TV shows, and music bands right to your wardrobe. Fans love wearing these shirts as a nod to their favorite characters or singers.

Imagine walking around with a shirt that has a famous movie quote or the logo of a well-known band on it. It's like joining a special club where others recognize and appreciate the same things you do.

These shirts come in various designs, from colorful prints that shout out loud to more subtle nods only true fans might catch. They offer an instant connection among people who share similar tastes in entertainment.

Wearing one could spark conversations at parties, concerts, or even while running errands. It's not just about fashion; it's about expressing what you're passionate about through what you wear.

Retro Patterns

Moving from pop culture vibes to classic style, retro patterns bring back the old-school cool. Think paisley, floral, and geometric shapes that add a vintage flair to any wardrobe.

I once found a shirt with these prints in a small shop downtown. It was like stepping back in time but looking totally on trend.

These shirts are more than just clothes; they carry stories of the past while fitting perfectly into today's fashion scene. Paisley swirls take you to the 70s disco era, big florals remind you of 60s peace rallies, and sharp geometrics point straight to the mod vibe of the 50s and 60s.

Each print makes its mark with bold colors and intricate designs that stand out in any crowd.

Mixed Prints

Mixed Prints: Matching different patterns in one outfit is a bold move that shows off your style. Give it a try to stand out!

Print Mixing Tips

Mixing prints adds fun to your outfit. It shows off your style. Here are some tips:

  1. Start with one bold print. Pair it with a simpler pattern. If you wear a loud floral shirt, match it with thin stripes.
  2. Keep colors in the same family. This creates harmony between different patterns.
  3. Use different print sizes. A big geometric pattern looks good with small polka dots.
  4. Balance is key. Let one print dominate and the other complement it.
  5. Play with textures. A silky animal print goes well with a cotton stripe.
  6. Layer wisely. Wear a printed jacket over a lightly patterned shirt for depth.
  7. Accessories count too. Add a printed tie or scarf to mix prints without overwhelming your look.
  8. Stick to three prints max in an outfit to avoid confusion.
  9. Space out your prints. If you have a printed top, use solid pants, then add a printed shoe or bag.

These steps make mixing prints easy and stylish for everyone.

Layering Prints

Layering prints adds depth to your outfit. It shows off a bold fashion sense. First, choose one print to dominate and another as an accent. The dominant print, like tropical floral or bold geometric, catches the eye. The accent, such as micro floral or muted geometric, complements it.

Second, mix prints of different scales. A large leopard print with small pinstripes works well. This creates balance.

Third, stick to a consistent color palette across both prints. If your main shirt is blue and white abstract floral, pick stripes or checks in similar colors for your jacket or pants.

Fourth, play with textures to add interest. Combine a silky snake print shirt with a rough cotton striped blazer.

Fifth, use basic pieces to break up the prints. A solid color jacket or pants between two printed pieces can prevent the look from overwhelming.

Sixth, experiment with accessories. Add a printed tie or scarf that ties back to one of the prints you're wearing.

Seventh, keep everything else simple. Let the prints be the focus. Avoid loud jewelry or shoes that could compete.

Eighth, practice makes perfect. Start small with pairing printed ties and shirts before moving on to more complex combinations.

Ninth, get inspired by brands like Here&Now and Roadster that often feature mixed prints in their collections.

Contrasting Prints

After exploring how to layer prints, let's shift our focus to contrasting prints. This style involves combining different patterns that stand out against each other. Here are key points on how to pull off contrasting prints:

  1. Choose one dominant print. Pair a bold pattern with a more subtle one. For example, combine a large leopard print shirt with micro-striped pants.
  2. Mix prints of different scales. A big floral pattern shirt goes well with small geometric-patterned shorts.
  3. Keep colors in the same family. Match a navy blue abstract floral shirt with navy striped pants.
  4. Use accessories to blend looks. A black and white geometric print tie can connect a black striped shirt with white polka dot pants.
  5. Balance is crucial. If your top is very loud, like a bright Aztec print, choose muted stripes for your bottoms.
  6. Experiment with textures. A smooth snake print shirt pairs nicely with rough-textured zebra striped trousers.
  7. Contrast themes thoughtfully. Combine a retro-patterned blazer over a modern graphic design tee for an engaging look.

Brands like Roadster and Mast & Harbour offer various printed shirts allowing men to explore these combinations confidently and stylishly.


Finding the perfect printed shirt means you know your style and what makes you stand out. With options from floral to stripes and geometric patterns, there's a shirt for every man's closet.

Brands like Allen Solly and Roadster offer choices that suit any occasion - whether it’s a casual day out or something more formal. Sizes range from 36 to 46, ensuring everyone finds their fit.

When you pick one of these shirts, you're not just choosing fabric; you're selecting confidence, comfort, and character.

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