Ultimate Guide To Men's Party Wear Shirts

Ultimate Guide To Men's Party Wear Shirts

Choosing the right party wear shirt can be tough. Men's shirts come in many styles and fabrics. This guide helps you pick the perfect one for any event. Read on to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • There are lots of men's party wear shirts like dress, button - down, polo, printed, and embroidered. Each has its own style.
  • Shirts come in different fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, satin, and velvet. Your choice depends on the event and what feels good to you.
  • Fit is important. You can pick from slim or regular fit depending on your body type. Also think about cuff styles and collar types to match your look.
  • Colors and patterns vary widely. You have options from classic white to bold colors and designs like stripes or floral prints.
  • Adding accessories like suit jackets, dress shoes, statement watches or pocket squares makes your outfit stand out more.


Types of Men's Party Wear Shirts

Men's Denim Cotton Sustainable Casual Denim Shirt - Shopping-search

Men's party wear shirts come in many styles for any event. From snazzy tops with buttons to cool polos and lively patterns, finding the right shirt is easy.


Dress shirts

Sky Blue Long Sleeve Waffle Shirt

Dress shirts are key for looking sharp at parties. They match well with suits and dress pants, adding a touch of class. These shirts come in many fabrics like cotton and silk, making them comfortable yet stylish.

You can pick from various collar types, such as spread collars, to fit your look. Dress shirts set you apart, showing you know how to dress for any event.

House of Stori offers these shirts between Rs. 995 and Rs. 1,295 – a good range for quality wear. With options in classic white or bold colors, they suit any party theme. For those who prefer something unique, there are also patterned choices available online shopping makes finding the perfect dress shirt easy and convenient.


Button-down shirts

Grey Cotton Solid Color Casual Long Sleeved Shir

Moving from the more formal dress shirts, button-down shirts offer a versatile option for party wear. These shirts come with buttons on the collar, making them stay in place and giving a neat look throughout any event.

I once chose a casual button-down shirt for a friend's birthday bash. It paired perfectly with denim jeans and loafers, striking the right balance between casual and dressy. This type of shirt is great because you can find it in various fabrics like cotton and linen, fitting for different seasons.

Button-down shirts also work well under blazers or jackets if you want to add a layer of sophistication to your outfit. For instance, pairing a solid color button-down with a velvet jacket can elevate your look for evening parties.

They are available in many patterns – stripes, checks, and even floral prints – making it easy to match them with diverse casual outfits like chinos or tailored trousers. With these shirts as part of your wardrobe staples, putting together an outfit that fits both comfort and style becomes straightforward.


Polo shirts

Maroon Long Sleeve Waffle Shirt

Polo shirts are a smart choice for men's party wear. Brands like Henley and Mr. Steal make top-notch polos that stand out at any gathering. The House of Stori sells these shirts in colors and designs that fit different styles, with prices between Rs. 995 and Rs. 1,295. These shirts use premium fabrics, ensuring comfort and breathability.

Van Heusen also offers a variety of polo shirts for men. They come in sizes from 36 to 48 with prices ranging from ₹1,624 to ₹2,999. This brand even has trial rooms so customers can try on shirts before buying them, making sure the fit is just right for the party vibe you're going for.


Printed shirts

White Casual Printed Shirt for Men - Shopping-search

 Printed shirts stand out at parties. They come with bold patterns, bright colors, and unique designs. Stores like Van Heusen offer a wide selection of these shirts for men. You can choose from floral prints, abstract patterns, or geometric shapes.

These shirts add fun to your look.

They fit various occasions well. Whether it's a casual gathering or a more formal event, there's a printed shirt that matches the vibe. Pair them with jeans for a relaxed feel or dress pants for something more upscale.

Each design speaks to personal style while keeping party wear fresh and exciting.


Embroidered shirts

Embroidered shirts add a unique touch to men's party wear. They show off fine details and craftsmanship, making them stand out. These shirts often have colorful threads sewn into the fabric, creating patterns or images.

You can find flowers, animals, or abstract designs embroidered on them. People choose these shirts for special events because they are eye-catching and elegant.

Crafters use needles and threads to decorate these shirts by hand or with machines. This process turns a simple shirt into a work of art. Men wear embroidered shirts to weddings, parties, and other fancy gatherings.

They pair well with both casual jeans and formal suits. With their rich textures and intricate patterns, embroidered shirts bring personality to any outfit.

Fabrics for Men's Party Wear Shirts

Black Colour Premium Zip Hoodie For Men - Shopping-search

Choosing the right material for your party shirt is key. Cotton, linen, silk, satin, and velvet are top picks — each brings its own vibe to the table.



Cotton shirts are a classic choice for men's party wear. They feel soft, breathe well, and keep you comfortable all night. These shirts come in many styles, from casual to formal. Cotton is durable too, so your shirt stays looking good after many wears.

One standout option is the Men's Denim Cotton Sustainable Casual Denim Shirt. This shirt proves cotton can be both stylish and eco-friendly. It offers a unique look with its structured design, setting it apart in any party setting.

With cotton fabric types being so versatile, they easily fit into any fashion trend or personal style preference.



Linen comes from the flax plant. It feels cool and fresh on hot days. I've worn linen shirts to summer parties, and they stayed comfortable all night. This fabric dries fast, which makes it great for sweaty dances or outdoor events.

Linen's look is unique—crisp yet relaxed. Many think linen is just for casual wear, but a well-made linen shirt fits right in at dressier occasions too.

Next up, let's talk about silk—a fabric known for its luxury and smoothness.



Moving from linen, silk introduces an elevated level of sophistication to men's party wear shirts. This fabric is known for its smooth texture and natural sheen, offering a distinct look that stands out at social events.

Our collection features silk shirts in various colors and designs, all made with premium quality silk to ensure they are comfortable and breathable. These shirts not only add a touch of elegance but also provide a fit that adapts well to different body types, making them ideal for any celebration.

Silk's unique properties make it a favored choice among men who value style and comfort. Its ability to regulate temperature keeps you cool during summer parties and warm in cooler settings.

The variety in our range allows for multiple styling options - whether paired with dress pants for formal gatherings or jeans for casual outings. Each shirt reflects careful craftsmanship aimed at delivering both luxury and durability, confirming that investing in silk is investing in lasting fashion excellence.



Satin shines bright at parties. Its smooth surface reflects light, making men's shirts stand out. I wore a satin shirt to a wedding once. It felt soft and looked classy all night long.

Satin keeps you cool too, because it breathes well.

This fabric comes in many colors; black satin looks sleek while bright colors catch the eye. Shirts made from satin match well with dress pants or suits. They're perfect for dances, weddings, or fancy dinners where you want to look your best without much fuss.



Moving from the sleek shine of satin, velvet comes into play as a rich choice for men’s party wear shirts. Velvet feels soft and looks deep because its woven fibers stand up. It brings luxury to any outfit.

For events in cooler seasons, a velvet shirt can make a man stand out while keeping him warm.

I wore a black velvet shirt to a winter gala last year and received many compliments. The fabric caught the light beautifully and added an air of sophistication to my look. Plus, it paired well with various suit colors – from classic black to bold jewel tones.

Highlighted Products

Check out our top picks for party shirts. From natural prints to classic denim, we've got your style covered.


Natural Printed Casual Wear Shirts for Men

Natural printed casual shirts are a must-have for men. They come in many designs, like leaves or abstract patterns. These shirts make you look good at any casual event. Cotton is the main fabric, making them comfortable to wear all day.

You can find these shirts in our collection.

They match well with jeans or chinos. For shoes, sneakers or loafers work best. Colors range from soft greens to vibrant blues. Each shirt has unique prints that stand out.


Men's Denim Cotton Sustainable Casual Denim Shirt

Shifting from natural printed shirts, we find the Men's Denim Cotton Sustainable Casual Shirt stands out. This shirt merges comfort with eco-friendliness. Made from sustainable cotton, it feels good and does good for the planet.

Its casual style makes it perfect for weekend outings or laid-back parties.

I've worn this denim shirt to several casual events and always received compliments. The fabric is durable yet soft against the skin. It fits well in a variety of settings – from barbecue gatherings to casual Fridays at work.

Pairing it with different pants and accessories creates multiple looks with just one shirt.


Black Colour Men's Casual Wear Short Sleeve Shirt

Black Colour Men's Casual Wear Short Sleeve Shirt - Shopping-search

Moving from denim to a more relaxed vibe, the Black Colour Men's Casual Wear Short Sleeve Shirt stands out. This shirt fits any casual event perfectly. It's made for those days when you want to feel free and easy but still look good.

I owned one, and it never fails to impress with its comfort and style.

This shirt pairs well with almost anything in your closet – jeans, shorts, or chinos. Its black color is versatile, making it a staple for any man's wardrobe. The fabric feels soft against the skin, ensuring you stay comfortable all day long.

Plus, its short sleeves keep you cool on warm days or nights out with friends.

Fit and Style Tips

Picking the right shirt means thinking about how it fits and looks. Go for a slim or regular size to match your style, and don't forget details like cuff types and collar shapes that can change your whole look.


Slim fit

Slim fit shirts hug the body closely and emphasize shape. They work well for leaner frames, giving a sharp, tailored look that stands out at parties. Sizes range from 36 to 48, making it easy to find a perfect match.


I once chose a beige slim fit shirt with print for an event and received many compliments on how polished I looked.

This style is ideal for creating a modern silhouette while maintaining comfort. By choosing shirts with slight stretch, movement isn't restricted despite the closer fit. It pairs perfectly with both casual and formal bottoms, showing off versatility in fashion trends without sacrificing appeal or ease of wear.


Regular fit

Moving from slim fit, regular fit shirts are a go-to for comfort. They allow more room around the chest and waist. This makes them perfect for all body types. Regular fit shirts give a neat look without being too tight.

For parties, you can't go wrong with a Men Black Regular Fit Textured Full Sleeves Wedding Shirt.

Van Heusen also offers these comfortable fits in various styles. Whether it's for a casual gathering or something more formal, these shirts have got you covered. You'll find them easy to move in at any event.


French cuffs

French cuffs add a touch of class to men's party shirts. You fold them back and fasten with cufflinks. This style stands out at formal events. I once wore a shirt with French cuffs to a wedding, and many noticed the elegant look it gave my outfit.

These cuffs make shirts look more polished for parties.

After choosing shirts with French cuffs, consider spread collars for an added stylish detail.


Spread collars

Spread collars are wide and sit far apart. They make a statement with their sophisticated shape, perfect for party wear shirts. These collars give room for larger tie knots, like the Windsor knot, adding elegance to men's outfits.

I once wore a shirt with a spread collar to a formal event and noticed how it lifted my overall look, making me feel more confident. This type of collar works best with premium fabrics such as fine cotton and luxurious satin.

These materials ensure the shirt feels comfortable and breathes well throughout any party or gathering.

Shirts with spread collars come in various colors and patterns. Whether classic white or bold colors, they suit many occasions from casual outings to more formal events. Adding accessories like cufflinks or a bowtie can enhance this stylish choice even further.

Remember, choosing the right fit is crucial; slim or regular fits both work well with these collars depending on your personal style and body type.



Cufflinks are key for a polished look at parties. They fasten the cuffs of dress shirts where buttons might otherwise be. It's not just about function; cufflinks add a splash of style or personal touch.

You can find them in many shapes, sizes, materials like metal, silk, and even wood.

Choosing the right ones depends on the shirt and occasion. For formal events, go for silver or gold cufflinks with minimal design. Parties might call for something more fun – think vibrant colors or unique shapes.

Always match your cufflinks to other accessories like watches or belt buckles to keep your style coherent.

Next up is tie options...


Tie options

After choosing cufflinks, it's time to pick ties for party wear shirts. Ties add a touch of elegance. For dress shirts, silk ties work best. They shine and look sharp at any event.

Printed or button-down shirts pair well with cotton or knit ties for a casual but stylish vibe.

I once wore a satin tie with a velvet shirt to a wedding. The combination stood out. So, mix textures for an eye-catching look. Always match your tie width to your collar size for balance.

Thin ties go with slim collars, and wider ties fit spread collars well. Stick to this rule for a polished outfit every time you step out.

Choosing the Right Colors and Patterns

Picking the right shades and designs can make or break your party look. With options from classic white to bold hues, and patterns like stripes, checks, and floral prints—there's a shirt for every vibe.

Dive deeper to find your perfect match!


Classic white

Classic white shirts stand out. They mix elegance with modern touches, making them fit for any party. These shirts work well under blazers or jackets, adding to their charm. You can dress them up with cufflinks or keep it simple.

I once wore a classic white shirt to a dinner event; its simplicity let me play with patterns on my tie and pocket square, creating a look that was both sharp and smart.

With classic whites, options are endless. Choose bold ties or subtle accessories to make your outfit pop. Layering is easy too—you can add vests for texture or leave the shirt as is for a clean look.

This versatility makes the classic white an essential piece in a man's wardrobe for party wear shirts.


Bold colors

Bold colors stand out in party wear shirts for men. Red, blue, green, and yellow shirts catch the eye at any event. These shirts come in vibrant patterns and designs. They are perfect for making a statement.


The website sells these bold colored shirts starting from Rs. 500.00.

I tried a bright red shirt from their collection for a party last month. It was striking and I got lots of compliments. This showed me that experimenting with bold colors can really enhance a party look.

Tips on how to mix these colors into your outfit are also available on the website, helping anyone look stylish at parties or events.



Stripes make men's party wear shirts stand out. They offer a mix of classic and modern looks. Prices range from Rs. 995 to Rs. 1,295, making them accessible for all budgets. High-quality fabrics like cotton and silk often feature stripes, ensuring comfort and style go hand in hand.


I have worn striped shirts to various parties and always received compliments. These shirts pair well with both jeans for a casual look or dress pants for something more formal. Choosing the right stripe pattern can truly elevate your outfit, making you ready for any party scene.



Checks bring a smart touch to any party outfit. You can pick from small, neat patterns or go bold with larger, colorful squares. I once wore a large check shirt to an outdoor summer event and received many compliments.

Checks blend style and fun perfectly.

Choosing the right color pattern in checks makes all the difference. For instance, darker checks work well for evening parties while lighter ones are great for daytime events. Pair them with solid pants to balance the look.

It's clear that whether you choose subtle or vibrant check shirts, they always add character to your outfit.


Floral prints

Floral prints bring life to men's party wear shirts. The House of Stori offers many shirts with these lively patterns. These designs range from subtle blossoms to bold, colorful gardens.

Men choose floral prints to stand out at parties and gatherings. They match well with both casual and formal outfits.

Shirts with floral motifs are perfect for those wanting elegance and a modern touch in their look. Each shirt stands out due to its unique pattern, making no two exactly alike. Pair them with solid colors like black or white for a balanced outfit.

This style allows men to express creativity through their wardrobe choices.

Accessorizing with Men's Party Wear Shirts

Picking the right extras with your party shirt can make your outfit pop. Check out more for cool ideas.

 Grey Color Short Kurta - Front

Suit jackets or blazers

Suit jackets or blazers make any party wear shirt look sharp. They are key for adding a polished touch to dress shirts and button-down collars. My friend once wore a velvet blazer over a printed shirt for a wedding, and he stood out in the best way.

These outer garments pair well with both casual and formal shirts, elevating your look instantly.

Choosing the right suit jacket or blazer depends on the event's vibe and what you feel good in. A silk blazer shines at formal events while cotton versions keep things cool at more laid-back gatherings.

Always check that the fit complements your body shape—too tight or too loose can throw off an outfit's balance. In my experience, investing in a versatile color like navy or grey gives you lots of options for mixing with different shirts and pants.


Dress shoes

Dress shoes are key for men's party wear. They make your outfit look complete and stylish. You need to pick the right ones to match your shirts. Think about color and style before choosing.

Black or brown shoes go well with most shirts.

Choosing dress shoes can change how you look at a party. Make sure they fit well and feel comfortable. Leather shoes often work best because they last long and look good. Wear them with button-down collars or printed shirts to stand out.

Pairing the right dress shoes with your shirt makes a big difference in your appearance.


Statement watches

After picking the right dress shoes, a man's outfit needs a bold touch. Statement watches are that finishing piece. They tell time and show style. I once chose a silver watch with a dark blue face for a friend's wedding.

It stood out and pulled my whole look together.

These watches come in many styles but always catch the eye. Think of gold tones, leather bands, or unique watch faces. A statement watch does more than keep time; it speaks to who you are.

Whether you pair it with button-down collars or suits, it adds that final note of sharpness to your party wear.


Pocket squares

Pocket squares add a touch of class to any party shirt. You pick the color or pattern that matches your style, fold it neatly, and tuck it into the front pocket of your jacket. This small piece of fabric can make a big difference in how sharp you look.


It’s all about details—choosing silk for elegance or cotton for a more casual vibe.

Next, consider pairing this with statement ties for an extra pop of personality.


Statement ties

Choosing the right tie can pull your whole party look together. A statement tie stands out because of its color, pattern or material. You might pick a silk one with bold stripes or a velvet piece in a bright color.

This kind of tie tells people you want to make an impression.

Wearing them needs confidence and a bit of know-how. For example, if you wear a printed shirt, go for a solid-colored tie to avoid clashes. On the other hand, pair a plain shirt with a fanicful-patterned tie for balance.

This mix and match approach ensures your outfit pops at any party without going overboard.

Shopping Tips

For smart shopping, know your body size and what shirt suits the event. Pick quality shirts over lots of cheaper ones. Always try them on first to make sure they fit just right. Ready to find your next favorite party wear shirt? Check out our collection for great picks!


Know your measurements

To find the perfect shirt, your body's numbers are key. Grab a tape and note down your neck size, chest width, and sleeve length. For example, if you're eyeing the House of Stori's Natural Printed Casual Wear Shirt, knowing these measurements will help ensure it fits just right.

I once bought a Men's Denim Cotton Sustainable Casual Denim Shirt without checking my sizes first—big mistake. It was too tight around the chest. So, always compare your measurements with the size chart provided by the store.

This way, you get shirts that not only look good but feel comfortable too.


Consider the occasion

Choosing the right shirt means thinking about where you're going. For a wedding, pick a dress shirt in classic white or light blue. If it's a casual party, try a printed or denim cotton shirt for a relaxed look.

The House of Stori offers options like solid shirts and satin shirts that fit any event, from formal to streetwear.

For personal experience, I wore a black short sleeve casual wear shirt to an evening event and felt perfectly dressed. It matched well with my dark jeans and dress shoes. This choice proved fitting clothes make all the difference in how confident you feel at gatherings.


Quality over quantity

Buying many cheap shirts seems like a good deal. Yet, wearing one high-quality shirt feels and looks better. I learned this firsthand. At first, I filled my closet with low-price shirts from sales racks.

They looked okay but didn’t last long. Threads came loose, colors faded, and the fabric felt rough after a few washes.

Choosing fewer but better shirts changed my wardrobe for the better. Premium fabrics like fine cotton and luxurious satin are worth it. They stay comfortable and look new longer than cheaper options.

My advice? Invest in quality pieces that resist wear and keep you looking sharp at every party. This approach saves money over time because you buy less often.


Try the shirt on before purchasing

Van Heusen has a changing room, so always try the shirt there first. This lets you see how it fits and feels. You may think a size is right, but shirts can fit differently based on their design and material.

I did this once with a button-down collar shirt. It looked great online, but when I tried it on, the fit wasn't perfect.

This step saves time and effort later. No one likes returning items. Van Heusen also offers free shipping, easy returns, and exchanges if needed. But trying it on first usually means you won't have to deal with that hassle.

Explore Our Collection

Check out our shirt range. See what fits your style.


Visit our Shirts Collection

Explore our wide range of men's shirts, perfect for any party. Our collection includes everything from casual prints to sophisticated silk options. Filters help you find what you need by size, color, and more.

Shop online at Van Heusen’s site and get your perfect shirt today.

Our filters make shopping easy. Sort by sleeve length or even shirt type like button-down collars. See something you like? It’s just a few clicks away on Van Heusen’s website. Next up, let's dive into how these shirts fit different body types.


This guide has it all for men's party wear shirts. We covered types, from dress to embroidered shirts. Fabrics range from cotton to velvet. Our highlighted products include casual and denim shirts, showing quality comes in many styles.

Fit tips like slim or regular fit help you find the right shirt. Picking colors and patterns is easy - go classic or bold. Accessories, such as blazers and watches, complete the look.

Shopping tips ensure you buy what fits best for any occasion. Check our collection for top brands at great prices with deals like 10% off on big orders.


1. What makes a button-down collar shirt perfect for parties?

A button-down collar shirt stands out at parties because it strikes the right balance between casual and formal. It's versatile, ensuring you look sharp without trying too hard.

2. Can I pair a button-down collar shirt with jeans for a party?

Absolutely. Pairing a button-down collar shirt with jeans creates a smart-casual look that's ideal for most parties. It shows style without appearing overdressed.

3. Are there specific colors or patterns in button-down shirts best suited for evening events?

Yes, darker colors like navy, black, or deep burgundy in button-down shirts are great for evening events. Patterns can vary but opt for subtler ones to maintain elegance.

4. How do I choose the right fit for my party wear shirt?

Ensure your button-down shirt fits well at the shoulders and chest but isn't too tight around your waist or arms. A proper fit enhances comfort and appearance, making you feel confident at any party event.

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